What we offer

We utilize a unique multi-disciplinary team of health professionals, doctors, researchers, scientists, coaches and athletes with a “ high tech high touch” approach to rehabilitation, performance and human longevity. Our process is heavily dependent on what we call “readiness” - the culmination of biological, psychological and social factors being adjusted for in real-time to enable client success. We also rely on developing and utilizing technologies to continuously assess/monitor human function and then focus on transferring that knowledge into actionable strategies.



Our scope of practice ranges from sprained ankles to chronic pain and post-concussion syndrome. A large focus is on how mechanical inputs regulate cell behaviour, tissue homeostasis, overall function and performance and how their deregulation may cause dysfunction, illness and disease. We often incorporate various therapeutic strategies while remaining heavily weighted from a clinical neuroscience perspective.


Longevity (Exponential Health Project)

We offer a unique longevity program where we take the worlds of biochemistry, professional sport and data science into the science of aging. The Exponential Health Project is a clinically applied, multi- faceted program geared towards making you live longer and healthier ( healthspan). The program can be completed in our facility, at your home or office, or upon any planet which we inhabit in the future thanks to our remote monitoring capabilities.



Developmental biology serves as the foundation of our performance programs. Particular attention is paid to the extent of variability in human development. Everything from assessment criteria and exercise selection to injury risk stratification takes this into account. We believe that early movement education serves as the foundation to overall athletic development. Coaching movement in a challenging, fun, socially interactive way instills a physiologic and psychologic skill set that goes way beyond sport.


Data SCience

Bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to health/performance data. We feel the need to focus on “ actionable data ” with real-time implementation. To do that Flux Bionetworks has partnered with Elite Neurokinetix to collect, analyze and deliver better performance and health outcomes with greater efficiency and improved transparency. Comprehensive assessment and analysis of certain biometrics has shown great promise in discovering correlations that may provide a better understanding of our most pressing health and performance issues. We offer evidence-based education and on field clinics and can monitor human function in real-time and visualize that data with our clients. This enables us to intervene early, course correct when necessary and deliver unparalleled performance and overall health results. A large portion of our data collection effort encompasses the world of concussion and post concussion syndrome.