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The worlds of rehabilitation and performance research are continuing to develop at exponential rate, yet the application of clinical/practical strategies have been far too linear and largely inadequate. This has resulted in a widening gap between what we want to do, and can do, for our clients.


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To bridge the gap between science and practice by implementing a translational approach where our focus is on developing immediate clinical strategies for the patient/customer.

We feel that scientific evidence-based medicine ( EBM) alone is not enough to achieve our objective. The collection and proper utilization of data- based medicine (DBM) will be a large factor in our success moving forward.

We also factor in our innate biological ability for self organization and variability. This is a dynamic process and their needs to be constant evaluation of a person's adaptability and our own clinical applicability in order to achieve our objective.


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Our Team


Daniel Gallucci, Founder

Daniel has wore many hats on his way to developing Flux Bionetworks - soccer player, exercise physiology, osteopathy, neurofunctional acupuncture, author, functional medicine, functional neurology, clinical neuroscience… A curiosity for biology and human function/performance has led him down a path, totally unsure of where it will lead. Two central tenets dictate his journey:

1. Always be the dumbest guy in the room.

2. Always focus on delivering actionable strategies to clients.

Daniel has been lucky enough to work with some of the best clinicians on the planet, and meet some of the greatest people on the planet. Current research interests include integrating neuro imaging into rehabilitation and performance. A large focus is on how mechanical inputs regulate cell behaviour, tissue homeostasis, overall function and how their deregulation may cause dysfunction, illness and disease.

His clientele is a diverse one, ranging from young children to those in hospice care. In between he sees professional athletes from numerous organizations including:






What we offer

We utilize a unique multi-disciplinary team of health professionals, doctors, researchers, scientists, coaches and athletes with a “ high tech high touch” approach to rehabilitation, performance and human longevity. Our process is heavily dependent on what we call “readiness” - the culmination of biological, psychological and social factors being adjusted for in real-time to enable client success. We also rely on developing and utilizing technologies to continuously assess/monitor human function and then focus on transferring that knowledge into actionable strategies.



Our scope of practice ranges from sprained ankles to chronic pain and post-concussion syndrome. A large focus is on how mechanical inputs regulate cell behaviour, tissue homeostasis, overall function and performance and how their deregulation may cause dysfunction, illness and disease. We often incorporate various therapeutic strategies while remaining heavily weighted from a clinical neuroscience perspective.


Longevity (Exponential Health Project)

We offer a unique longevity program where we take the worlds of biochemistry, professional sport and data science into the science of aging. The Exponential Health Project is a clinically applied, multi- faceted program geared towards making you live longer and healthier ( healthspan). The program can be completed in our facility, at your home or office, or upon any planet which we inhabit in the future thanks to our remote monitoring capabilities.



Developmental biology serves as the foundation of our performance programs. Particular attention is paid to the extent of variability in human development. Everything from assessment criteria and exercise selection to injury risk stratification takes this into account. We believe that early movement education serves as the foundation to overall athletic development. Coaching movement in a challenging, fun, socially interactive way instills a physiologic and psychologic skill set that goes way beyond sport.


Data SCience

Bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to health/performance data. We feel the need to focus on “ actionable data ” with real-time implementation. To do that Flux Bionetworks has partnered with Elite Neurokinetix to collect, analyze and deliver better performance and health outcomes with greater efficiency and improved transparency. Comprehensive assessment and analysis of certain biometrics has shown great promise in discovering correlations that may provide a better understanding of our most pressing health and performance issues. We offer evidence-based education and on field clinics and can monitor human function in real-time and visualize that data with our clients. This enables us to intervene early, course correct when necessary and deliver unparalleled performance and overall health results. A large portion of our data collection effort encompasses the world of concussion and post concussion syndrome.


Client testimonials


“I was referred to Daniel from a few other players. He has a great understanding of how the brain and body works together for optimum performance.”

Nikita Zaitsev: Toronto Maple Leafs


“One treatment with Daniel is more effective than multiple treatments with most practitioners. He’s not only a talented clinician but passionate about his profession, and he uses that passion to constantly strive for even more knowledge and skill.”

Jillian Vanstone: National Ballet of Canada


“A few players suggested I see Daniel after I had sustained a concussion. He had a very specific understanding of my issues and put together a plan to get me back on the ice in a better condition than before the injury.”

Nikita Soshnikov: St. Louis Blues


“I was referred to Daniel after tearing my ACL a number of years ago. Since then he has helped to keep my body and brain in the best condition possible. His knowledge is superior and always appreciated.”

Claude Patrick: UFC Fighter


“Daniel has been in my life for over 15 years now. He helped me develop, nurture and achieve my dream of playing professional soccer in Europe. He’s the most talented health professional I’ve met and I now use him often regarding the development of our young players at Dutch Connections FC.”

Andrew Ornoch: Dutch Connections FC


“After suffering two sports related concussions within a year I was going through a terrible time with post-concussion syndrome. I was referred to Daniel by another health professional - he was the first person I had met that actually understood my condition. He also provided me with the much needed hope and direction in what is a very lonely and undiscovered world of concussion recovery.”

Rob Anderson


“Daniel has been helping keep me on my game for over five seasons now. He’s a guy I can always use when it comes to top level performance.” 

James Van Riemsdyk: Philadelphia Flyers


“I was referred over to Daniel from a doctor I met in Nashville. He helped balance out my body and gave me simple ways to improve my function and performance on and off the ice.”

Colin Wilson: Colorado Avalanche


“I suffered a concussion off a blindside hit during a game. When I met with Daniel I felt like I was finally able to take a deep breath. He understood my symptoms and for the first time in months, I was able to feel progress and really trust my recovery plan.”

Brodie Merrill: Toronto Rock


“I truly don’t know where I would be without Daniel. His knowledge and clinical ability have helped me more than I ever could’ve imagined as a player and now in my job working with players.”

Joey Hishon: Hockey Skills Coach


“We were so fortunate to have had Daniel recommended to us, after our son got a bad concussion, while playing JR A hockey. We had been to the medical specialist who diagnosed the concussion and said “time” was the treatment. Once he began following Daniel’s treatment and protocol, he got better and was able to return to his Jr team and Captain them to a championship.

Ty still continued to use Daniels performance techniques throughout his successful NCAA hockey career.”

Laurie Enns


“ The brain is an interesting animal, and as my body was saying: “do” my brain scans with Daniels group at Performance Phenomics gave me the direction I needed to do so correctly. They illuminated my unknown world and cries, and gave me the time to heal and find the protocol to do it properly and the courage to move through the unknown to find peace on the other side. In essence, I trust Daniel and his network of professionals to guide me through a journey. Trust, time and discovering the hidden knowledge of the brain is an eye opening process that was made possible thanks to Daniel.”

Dee Dee Taylor Eustace



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We the clinic and staff are committed to serve our community in a professional clinical environment, and to empower patients to actively participate in their own healthcare. Flux recognizes and respects the self-aware, self-directed and self-healing nature of life and living beings. 

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